3 Types of Videos to Create Now

mobile video views on FacebooikVideo technology is changing all the time!  So entrepreneurs, professionals, and small business owners need to be informed about what the current trends are and what is working well at the moment.  I’m happy to tell you that there is a constantly growing wealth of easy tools that will make your video creation process so much faster and easier.  And many of those tools are free!

The 3 Most Important Types of Video

Right now, there are 3 types of content videos that are working really well, in general, for engaging with friends, fans, and followers on social media.  These videos are mainly for communicating and sharing your message, over and over in different ways that people will find interesting and entertaining.

1.  Livestream Video Posts on Your Favorite Platform

Live stream videos are still incredibly popular on numerous social media platforms.  More and more people are broadcasting live, many of them for business use.  And some businesses are developing unique uses for livestreaming to connect with their customers and followers in new ways.

Lots of new add-on hardware devices and software apps have come onto the market.  But you can still get started with just your smart phone and a sturdy tripod or selfie stand.  If you prefer, Facebook now allows you to broadcast live from a desktop or laptop computer.

2.  Authority Content Videos with Keywords

The best place to post these videos in on YouTube, where videos can show up for keywords search both on YouTube and on Google itself.  Put your keywords for these videos on the title, description of the video, and the audio transcript, if you post one.

3.  Short Animated Videos for Social Engagement

As the largest social media platform, Facebook has become too big to ignore or avoid.  It also offers some unique video benefits that no other platforms are offering at this time.  The autoplaying of videos on Facebook means that you can — and should — post very short animated video clips to grab visual attention and to get friends, fans, and followers to stop scrolling for a moment and see if they want to watch more of your video.

But it’s a good idea to include original video content in your posting on every social media platform that you use.  Video really is the way that most people prefer to receive information these days, so give them what they want as often as you can.

Two Other Important Types of Video

While I recommend focusing on the 3 video types above at first, eventually you may have a need for one of these other important video types:

  • Sales or persuasion videos to get the viewer to take a specific action
  • Welcome videos on websites, landing pages, training courses, Facebook pages and YouTube channel trailers

Unless you want to hire someone else to make your videos for you every time you need a new landing page, sales page, blog post video, welcome video or some other special type of video, then it can be very helpful to have a variety of tools that you can quickly and easily use to create new videos as you need them.

Learn More About Creating Easy Social Videos

I have several free opportunities coming up for you to learn about some of my favorite tools for easy social videos.  Check out the details by clicking this link to view my Event Schedule where you can register for upcoming webinars.



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