3 Tricks to Avoid Frightfully Bad Content

spider and Trick-or-TreatIn keeping with the Halloween spirit today, I’ll show you 3 frightful content problems to avoid and 3 tricks that you can use instead to create better content marketing.

And you may not even know these are a problem because so many other people are guilty of these mistakes in their content, that you might believe this is the standard way to create content — even the “right” way.

But in this blog post, you’ll get a better understanding of how your audience actually processes your content in their brains and why some of these common practices don’t help them absorb your message!

Plus I have a treat for you at the end of this blog post.


Steam_GhostSpooky Content Problem #1:  Vague, Wandering Topic

One annoying problem we, as viewers, experience far too often is presenters who don’t plan their content and they wander all over, talking too long about vague ideas that don’t offer enough value.

If someone asked your viewers an hour later what they learned from you, what would they say? Would they remember your key points? Would they remember anything at all?

Make sure you identify the most important points you want them to remember.  A good way to make those key points stick in your audience’s brains is with visual images.


Bullet_Points_Are_CreepyCreepy Content Problem #2:  Too Much Text on Screen

Did you know that people cannot read and listen at the same time? Verbal information – both written and spoken – is processed in the verbal part of the brain.

So when you make your audience try to read text at the same time that they are trying to listen to you speak, their brains cannot process both forms of input.

Instead give them one short headline on each slide or page of content. Use those simple headlines to summarize your key points. Then add a large picture or animation that supports the point you’re making and does not distract them from listening to your spoken explanation.


Skeleton_StructureScary Content Problem #3:  Unstructured Content

Having a clear, solid structure for your content helps people quickly understand the information you’re giving them.

And when they understand your ideas, they can more easily make a decision about investing in your offer.

Regardless of the form of your content, let your viewers or readers know what you’re going to talk about, how many key ideas you’ll share, and when you are transitioning from one idea to the next.


rotten_pumpkinRotten Pumpkins Award!

What is your biggest complaint about poorly designed content?

What common, annoying practices do you see far too often?

Please share a comment below and I’ll feature your idea in a future blog post.


candy-corn Trick-or-Treat

Are you ready for a treat?

Since visual images are such an important part of creating good content marketing, I thought I would share with you my top 10 favorite sites for downloading free pictures.

Most of these download sites offer all public domain images. However, some of them do occasionally have some pictures that are NOT in the public domain.

Remember, it is your responsibility to read and understand the terms of service, which vary from one site to another, and the license agreement for using pictures from each site.

To download this free list, just click here OR click on the Trick-or-Treat image at the right.




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