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3 Tricks to Avoid Frightfully Bad Content

In keeping with the Halloween spirit today, I’ll show you 3 frightful content problems to avoid and 3 tricks that you can use instead to create better content marketing. And you may not even know these are a problem because so many other people are guilty of these mistakes in their content, that you might […]


3 Steps to Repurpose Content Marketing Graphics

How can you repurpose graphic images into different types of content when different image dimensions may be required? NOTE: If you prefer to listen, the core ideas of this blog post were shared on an episode of my FB Live show, “Coffee, PPTea & Me.”  Watch/listen here. My workflow follows these 3 basic steps: 1. […]


Do You Still Need a Facebook Page?

Have you stopped posting regularly to your Facebook business page since the 2016 algorithm changes that cut back your reach so drastically? Or have you never bothered to create a Facebook page because some mentor or guru told you to just use a group instead? If you said “yes” to either of those questions, you […]