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Presentation Story Contest: July 1 – 31

Our Presentation Story Contest begins this Sunday, July 1st, and will run through the whole month. Because storytelling is such a powerful tool to include in all your presentations, I want to encourage everyone to learn how to create a presentation that uses story structure to engage your audience. View an example from First, we need […]


Using Story Structure for Better Presentations

All successful people have mentors and coaches.  One of my mentors is Cliff Atkinson, author of “Beyond Bullet Points” and “The Backchannel”. Watch an interview with Cliff at the offices of Tech Smith, makers of Camtasia Studio and SnagIt software applications.  (If you don’t have time to watch the whole video, skip forward to about […]


What you can learn from Southwest Airlines commercials

The 2 recent TV commercials that Southwest Airlines has run are both interesting examples of how to generate emotion in your audience. I found myself watching the latest one, with the colored paper airplanes. Every single time it came on, I’d stop whatever I was doing and just watch. Then I noticed how happy I […]